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The word “Renascent” translates as ‘being infused with life again’. Backed by a certified financial planners (CFP), a chartered wealth manager & fleet of investment consultants and financial planners, Renascent Wealth is empowering 1000+ client families to create wealth through comprehensive and long term financial planning process. Started in 1994, our mission continues.
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Renascent Wealth - Financial Planners, Investment Consultants in Pune

Welcome to Renascent Wealth, your trusted financial planner in Pune offering comprehensive wealth management and financial planning services. Based in Pune, our journey as a leading financial planner is defined by a commitment to excellence, a client-centric approach, and the pursuit of financial empowerment for individuals and families. With deep-rooted values and a legacy of trust, we take pride in serving over one thousand satisfied and confident client families, spanning across India and abroad.

At the heart of Renascent Wealth are our dedicated team of investment consultants, two of whom hold prestigious certifications from CFP® & CWM® — the highest global accreditations in Wealth Management and Financial Planning. This distinction reflects our unwavering dedication to maintaining the highest standards of professionalism, ethics, and expertise. It is this commitment that has earned us the trust and loyalty of multiple generations within our client base.

One of our unique offerings is our ‘no obligation’ value proposition. We go beyond conventional financial planning and allied services by conducting 186 Knowledge & Awareness Programs so far. These programs serve as a testament to our belief in empowering individuals from diverse backgrounds with a genuine understanding of the financial planning process and its critical role in securing a prosperous future. Our goal is not just to manage wealth but to impart knowledge, ensuring our clients make informed decisions aligned with their financial goals.

Our commitment to excellence is reflected in our continuous quest for knowledge, skill enhancement, and process improvement. In the capacity of a reliable financial planners, we understand that the financial landscape is dynamic, and staying ahead requires constant adaptation. Through ongoing education and professional development, we ensure that our team of investment consultants is well-equipped to provide the highest quality support and services to our clients.

Renascent Wealth stands as a beacon of trust, transparency, and expertise in the financial planning landscape. In the leadership of a Certified Financial Planner (CFP) & a Chartered wealth manager (CWM), our comprehensive suite of services includes Financial Planning, NRI Investment Planning, Retirement Planning, Asset Analysis, Insurance Planning, Tax Planning, Estate & Succession Planning, and Periodic Review of Financial Plans. Whether you are a seasoned investor or just starting on your financial journey, our client centric tailored solutions cater to your unique needs, guiding you towards financial stability & prosperity.

Join us on this journey of financial empowerment, where your aspirations meet our proficiency and together, we shape a secure and prosperous future.

CFP, CWM for Your Financial Planning

Why choose Renascent Wealth as your trusted financial planner in Pune? The answer lies in our unwavering commitment to your financial well-being, backed by a legacy of trust and excellence.

Our team comprises of certified and accredited professionals, holding the highest global accreditation in Wealth Management and Financial Planning — CFP® & CWM®. This ensures that you receive comprehensive guidance & support of the utmost quality, grounded in ethical practices and unmatched expertise.

What sets us apart is our ‘no obligation’ value proposition. Through 186 Knowledge & Awareness Programs, we have empowered individuals from diverse backgrounds, offering them a genuine understanding of the financial planning process. We don’t just manage wealth; we impart knowledge to help & empower you to make informed decisions.

At Renascent Wealth, our commitment to continuous improvement is unwavering. We constantly upgrade our knowledge, skills, and processes to provide you with the best support and services in the ever-evolving world of financial planning and investment consulting.

Choose us as your financial partner, and experience the difference that a client-centric, knowledgeable, and ethical approach can make in achieving your financial goals. We are not just investment planners; we are your partners in building a secure and prosperous future.


Dr Pravin Raut

Great financial planners. The team is very Supportive and understanding like one of your family members. If you are looking forward to make smart investments for your family future definitely go for it.

Gaurav Kaushik

Senior Consultant E&Y
Our experience with Renascent has been phenomenal. It all started with getting to understand the meaning of wealth creation. That followed by a step by step guidance from Sunil, Anita Ma’m and Sarang transforming my anxieties related to financial management into informed decision making and actions towards building a secured future.
We sincerely thank Team Renascent and highly recommend the association and experience in wealth creation!

Ajit Kelkar

Wonderful experience, proud and glad we got to know of Renascent Wealth. It could never be better than what it is, cool, balanced and long term advice highly appreciated. They do not sell a product as a sales team does. They analyse you, your needs and advice funds to always better your expectations and surely fulfil your needs. Meticulous documentation with backup gives a sense of satisfaction and even the succession planning is in place.

Harsh Bharti

Started investing at the age of 23, and, “you are late but it’s never too late to start” were the words told to me by Col Tandale on our first meeting. The entire journey of wealth creation, asset creation, expenditure, life and career plans was very professionally drafted by Col Tandale to help me create a decent enough lifestyle and for a worry free tomorrow. For something of a direct one to one guidance, Sarang is always just a call away (same generation helps in understanding your financial goals better) and any kind of amendments and decisions which involves huge financial planning and investment is always made easy and more logical. Thorough professionals and I am glad to have been guided and consulted by Renascent Wealth right at the early stage of my life. If you’re looking for a family financial planner just like we have family doctors and lawyers, I recommend you to use the consultation services provided by Renascent Wealth and live a today without worrying about tomorrow.

Abdul Basith

Media Director
They are like a family for us and super helpful on any doubts we have. Taught us a lot about financial planning which ensures we are in a good shape financially.

Amit Kadian

Renascent Wealth has been providing guidance/advice on my investments for past four years. They have given a professional and sound account of their financial expertise over the last four years which has been instrumental in maintaining a balanced financial portfolio. Extremely positive, forthcoming, confident and positive team of experts working on managing our financial investments.

Ajinkya Gangatire

Ethically upright, very professional and hardworking.
Never lost a touch of humanity in their dealing and always tried to contribute to society.
Keep it up team Renascent Wealth.

Rajkiran Patil

Civil Engineer
Things do not happen; things are made to happen in Renascent Wealth for our financial planning. Renascent Wealth is the Money plant for every client’s future.

Uday Avalakki

Senior Scientist
I am associated with Renascent Wealth (RW) for a decade. I am impressed with RW’s true customer approach – Soft, Gentle, Friendly, Understanding the customers need, analytical approach, and presenting convincing solutions. As being a Senior Citizen, I have been guided prudently by RW in keeping the track of the investment, timely rebalancing portfolios and deriving the benefits for continuing hasslefree peaceful life. I appreciate the advice given by RW in foreclosure of loan and reinvesting in the annuity plan. I appreciate RW’s honesty, integrity and commitment and therefore strongly recommend Renascent Wealth for complete financial planning

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