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The word “Renascent” translates as ‘being infused with life again’. Backed by a certified financial planners (CFP), a chartered wealth manager & team of investment consultants and financial planners, Renascent Wealth is empowering 1000+ client families to create wealth through comprehensive and long term financial planning process. Started in 1994, our mission continues.
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Renascent Wealth - Financial Planners, Investment Consultants in Pune

Welcome to Renascent Wealth, your trusted financial planner in Pune offering comprehensive wealth management and financial planning services. Based in Pune, our journey as a leading financial planner is defined by a commitment to excellence, a client-centric approach, and the pursuit of financial empowerment for individuals and families. With deep-rooted values and a legacy of trust, we take pride in serving over one thousand satisfied and confident client families, spanning across India and abroad.

At the heart of Renascent Wealth are our dedicated team of investment consultants, two of whom hold prestigious certifications from CFP® & CWM® — the highest global accreditations in Wealth Management and Financial Planning. This distinction reflects our unwavering dedication to maintaining the highest standards of professionalism, ethics, and expertise. It is this commitment that has earned us the trust and loyalty of multiple generations within our client base.

One of our unique offerings is our ‘no obligation’ value proposition. We go beyond conventional financial planning and allied services by conducting 186 Knowledge & Awareness Programs so far. These programs serve as a testament to our belief in empowering individuals from diverse backgrounds with a genuine understanding of the financial planning process and its critical role in securing a prosperous future. Our goal is not just to manage wealth but to impart knowledge, ensuring our clients make informed decisions aligned with their financial goals.

Our commitment to excellence is reflected in our continuous quest for knowledge, skill enhancement, and process improvement. In the capacity of a reliable financial planners, we understand that the financial landscape is dynamic, and staying ahead requires constant adaptation. Through ongoing education and professional development, we ensure that our team of investment consultants is well-equipped to provide the highest quality support and services to our clients.

Renascent Wealth stands as a beacon of trust, transparency, and expertise in the financial planning landscape. In the leadership of a Certified Financial Planner (CFP) & a Chartered wealth manager (CWM), our comprehensive suite of services includes Financial Planning, NRI Investment Planning, Retirement Planning, Asset Analysis, Insurance Planning, Tax Planning, Estate & Succession Planning, and Periodic Review of Financial Plans. Whether you are a seasoned investor or just starting on your financial journey, our client centric tailored solutions cater to your unique needs, guiding you towards financial stability & prosperity.

Join us on this journey of financial empowerment, where your aspirations meet our proficiency and together, we shape a secure and prosperous future.

CFP, CWM for Your Financial Planning

Why choose Renascent Wealth as your trusted financial planner in Pune? The answer lies in our unwavering commitment to your financial well-being, backed by a legacy of trust and excellence.

Our team comprises of certified and accredited professionals, holding the highest global accreditation in Wealth Management and Financial Planning — CFP® & CWM®. This ensures that you receive comprehensive guidance & support of the utmost quality, grounded in ethical practices and unmatched expertise.

What sets us apart is our ‘no obligation’ value proposition. Through 186 Knowledge & Awareness Programs, we have empowered individuals from diverse backgrounds, offering them a genuine understanding of the financial planning process. We don’t just manage wealth; we impart knowledge to help & empower you to make informed decisions.

At Renascent Wealth, our commitment to continuous improvement is unwavering. We constantly upgrade our knowledge, skills, and processes to provide you with the best support and services in the ever-evolving world of financial planning and investment consulting.

Choose us as your financial partner, and experience the difference that a client-centric, knowledgeable, and ethical approach can make in achieving your financial goals. We are not just investment planners; we are your partners in building a secure and prosperous future.


Gajendra Jagtap

It’s been remarkable great association with Renascent wealth family over decade plus years through learning caring and building financial stability for my family. Our trusted professional advice, insights and investment solutions over these 15 years has strengthened us a family. Our financial security progress is clear out of critical thinking, customised strategy and plans for retirements were completely well thought by Sunil Sir and Anita Madam. My first meeting of small interaction has turned in to such remarkable journey and trusted relationship. Now all our financially planning, tax solutions for me and many my extended family members, Friends happens at Renascent Wealth.

Anjali Kulkarni

My association with Renascent Wealth for the past 6 years has added immense value in my life. I feel secure, confident and financially independent after retirement. Wish I met them earlier. I would urge younger generation to connect early with Renascent Wealth. Heartfelt thank you!

Uday Avalakki

I am associated with Renascent Wealth (RW) for a decade. I am impressed with RW’s true customer approach – Soft, Gentle, Friendly, Understanding the customers need, analytical approach, and presenting convincing solutions. As being a Senior Citizen, I have been guided prudently by RW in keeping the track of the investment, timely rebalancing portfolios and deriving the benefits for continuing hassle-free peaceful life. I appreciate the advice given by RW in foreclosure of loan and reinvesting in the annuity plan. I appreciate RW’s honesty, integrity and commitment and therefore strongly recommend Renascent Wealth for complete financial planning.

Niraj Padhye (Dubai – UAE)

Renascent wealth offers you a very systematic approach towards your financial planning and growth. We are pleased to be associated with them. The valuable guidance and support by the team enlightened us towards our financial goals. Sunil sir is always there to answer any of our questions and their in-depth knowledge of the market is remarkable. Special thanks to Sarang, Akanksha and entire team who advised us on best practices with other finance/ insurance related products. We wish lots of success and growth to team Renascent wealth.

William Mazhar (Abu Dhabi-UAE)

I was really confused about my financial planning until I met Anita Tandale of Renascent Wealth who guided me to the best available systematic Investment planning. She is a thorough professional for she guided me to profitable Investments which surpassed my expectations. She along with her team take time to really know their clients which gives me every confidence that not just my financial goals are well understood but also my comfort level. Renascent regularly provide updates and always been available to answer to my queries or to explain options within my portfolio. Appreciate the gesture of Sunil Sir, who in spite of his busy schedule takes time to meet personally and advise on better solutions to come out of the financial crisis. Not forgetting Sarang Tandale who has vast knowledge in the field and ever ready to assist with lot of patience. Altogether make up a wonderful team. I wish Renascent Wealth all the best in future endeavor and keep up the good works.

Avinash Patil (UK)

In today’s world more than ever financial security is one of the biggest aspects for a complete peace of mind. We were always on a lookout for someone who can guide us and not sell products to us randomly just to achieve their own targets.
Through one of our very close friends we came to know about Renascent Wealth and we were actually taken by surprise when we met Team Renascent because I could never imagine such services being provided in India. Financial planning and awareness has always been a weak point in our society and we are highly grateful and thankful that Renascent family brought us not only this awareness but also gave us a splendid network to get many of our personal chores accomplished smoothly. Our engagement with Renascent has been just above an year now and ever since we connected with them we have learned a lot about financial aspects, they have invested good time to ensure we have a robust financial plan which covers most of our key milestones and have shown us how we can meet our goals and where we are short. The have the technology and tools which can give your financial investment snapshots in click of a button. Also, they have most secure networks and back up of data and we always feel very safe the way they handle and manage our data. Data security and Privacy is best to none. The Management and the Office staff is a very cheerful, welcome and most friendly people we have come across and we always feel that we are visiting our well-wishers and extended family whenever we meet them, rather than getting in touch with a commercial setup.
The entire team is highly motivated, integrated and inspired to serve their customers to highest standards. Our family can’t thank them enough for guiding us on our finances, investments, health & life insurances and giving us valuable feedback and consultation at the relevant stages of our journey towards financial well-being. We would highly recommend their services as we found them trustworthy, working in the framework of rules and regulations and pro-actively serving their customers and society.

Harsh Bharti

Thorough Professionals. I surely recommend you people to avail services in Financial and Wealth management portfolio. They are highly professional, and have vast and deep knowledge in this area. They will holistically guide you in each and every step of your financial management journey. Needless to mention they pro-actively take follow up and help you understand the necessity why the financial and Wealth management is important part in life. Very genuine and ethical business standard they practice. I highly recommend Renascent Wealth!!

Pankaj Singh

I have been associated with Renascent Wealth Team for more than 10 years and have gained tremendously, in terms of learning about personal financial management, as well as growth of my financial assets. The Renascent team has given us a timely and most suitable advice for my investments based on life cycle goals. I strongly advice use of their services for personal finance management.

Liz Benny

“I loved my experience with Renascent Wealth. It was one of the best decisions of mine this year. They have guided me and provided their expertise for my financial management. I recommend their association for anyone looking for asset management and keeping your family secure financially.

Dr Pravin Raut

Great financial planners. The team is very Supportive and understanding like one of your family members. If you are looking forward to make smart investments for your family future definitely go for it.

Gaurav Kaushik

Senior Consultant E&Y
Our experience with Renascent has been phenomenal. It all started with getting to understand the meaning of wealth creation. That followed by a step by step guidance from Sunil, Anita Ma’m and Sarang transforming my anxieties related to financial management into informed decision making and actions towards building a secured future.
We sincerely thank Team Renascent and highly recommend the association and experience in wealth creation!

Ajit Kelkar

Wonderful experience, proud and glad we got to know of Renascent Wealth. It could never be better than what it is, cool, balanced and long term advice highly appreciated. They do not sell a product as a sales team does. They analyse you, your needs and advice funds to always better your expectations and surely fulfil your needs. Meticulous documentation with backup gives a sense of satisfaction and even the succession planning is in place.

Harsh Bharti

Started investing at the age of 23, and, “you are late but it’s never too late to start” were the words told to me by Col Tandale on our first meeting. The entire journey of wealth creation, asset creation, expenditure, life and career plans was very professionally drafted by Col Tandale to help me create a decent enough lifestyle and for a worry free tomorrow. For something of a direct one to one guidance, Sarang is always just a call away (same generation helps in understanding your financial goals better) and any kind of amendments and decisions which involves huge financial planning and investment is always made easy and more logical. Thorough professionals and I am glad to have been guided and consulted by Renascent Wealth right at the early stage of my life. If you’re looking for a family financial planner just like we have family doctors and lawyers, I recommend you to use the consultation services provided by Renascent Wealth and live a today without worrying about tomorrow.

Abdul Basith

Media Director
They are like a family for us and super helpful on any doubts we have. Taught us a lot about financial planning which ensures we are in a good shape financially.

Amit Kadian

Renascent Wealth has been providing guidance/advice on my investments for past four years. They have given a professional and sound account of their financial expertise over the last four years which has been instrumental in maintaining a balanced financial portfolio. Extremely positive, forthcoming, confident and positive team of experts working on managing our financial investments.

Ajinkya Gangatire

Ethically upright, very professional and hardworking.
Never lost a touch of humanity in their dealing and always tried to contribute to society.
Keep it up team Renascent Wealth.

Rajkiran Patil

Civil Engineer
Things do not happen; things are made to happen in Renascent Wealth for our financial planning. Renascent Wealth is the Money plant for every client’s future.

Uday Avalakki

Senior Scientist
I am associated with Renascent Wealth (RW) for a decade. I am impressed with RW’s true customer approach – Soft, Gentle, Friendly, Understanding the customers need, analytical approach, and presenting convincing solutions. As being a Senior Citizen, I have been guided prudently by RW in keeping the track of the investment, timely rebalancing portfolios and deriving the benefits for continuing hasslefree peaceful life. I appreciate the advice given by RW in foreclosure of loan and reinvesting in the annuity plan. I appreciate RW’s honesty, integrity and commitment and therefore strongly recommend Renascent Wealth for complete financial planning


  • I had the privilege of working with Renascent wealth for my financial planning needs, and I am absolutely delighted with the outstanding service they provided. From the moment I walked through their doors, I was met with a warm and professional atmosphere. The team at Renascent wealth is comprised of true experts in their field, and their depth of knowledge is truly impressive. They took the time to listen to my specific financial goals and concerns, and then tailored a comprehensive plan that suited my unique circumstances perfectly. One aspect that truly stood out to me was their dedication to educating their clients. They patiently explained complex financial concepts in a way that was easy for me to understand, ensuring that I was involved and informed every step of the way. This level of transparency and openness gave me the confidence that I was making well-informed decisions about my financial future. What also sets Renascent wealth apart is their commitment to ongoing support. They didn't just hand me a plan and send me on my way – they have been there to answer my questions, provide guidance, and even make adjustments to my plan as needed. This level of attentiveness and dedication to their clients' success truly impressed me. If you're looking for a financial consultant firm that combines expertise, personalized attention, and a genuine passion for helping clients achieve their financial goals, then I wholeheartedly recommend them. My experience with them has been exceptional, and I am grateful to have found such a reliable partner for my financial journey.

    Rucha Kulkarni Avatar Rucha Kulkarni
    September 6, 2023

    Our experience with Renascent Wealth has been absolutely wonderful! We are forever grateful for their guidance and support over the last few years!

    shaalein sehgal Avatar shaalein sehgal
    February 21, 2024

    I had an amazing experience with Renascent Wealth! The team is very knowledgeable. Great advisors! Their perspective and vast experience surely prepares one for a great future!!

    Rutvija Adawadkar Avatar Rutvija Adawadkar
    February 21, 2024
  • Renascent Wealth truly stands out as exemplary wealth management advisors. Their team is not only knowledgeable and professional but also consistently exceeds expectations in assisting clients to reach their financial objectives. The expert guidance, proactive communication, and transparent approach make them a trusted partner in securing financial well-being. I highly recommend Renascent Wealth for anyone seeking dedicated and reliable wealth management services.

    Vinayak 22 Avatar Vinayak 22
    February 21, 2024

    A Trusted Partner in Financial Growth - Renascent Wealth Renascent Wealth has been my financial compass for the past seven transformative years. From my early days as a financial novice with a modest investment, the team has been an unwavering source of support and guidance. Their personalised approach, taking the time to understand my aspirations, allowed me to gradually increase my investments with confidence. Today, SIPs, guided by Renascent, form the bedrock of my financial strategy. Their continuous support and personal touch have turned a client-consultant relationship into a journey of shared successes. Heartfelt thanks to Renascent for being more than just financial advisors – they are true partners in my financial growth.

    Chaitra Pawar Avatar Chaitra Pawar
    December 6, 2023

    I am feeling very much lucky to be a part of Renascent Wealth.Sunil sir, Akanksha mam, Sarang sir and Amol sir are very knowledgable. Everyone is best in respective area of expertise related to finance. They have unique and precise way of working and gives the best possible financial advise.You just ask and you get it from the team.I really would like to thank you Renascent Wealth team for keep giving us the financial guidance and advise.

    charudatta jawale Avatar charudatta jawale
    January 6, 2024
  • Renascent wealth is a team which empathically understands your financial needs and then goes on to help you in invest in the most pragmatic way keeping your individual priorities in mind. They are very honest and genuine in their advice and I trust them blindly with my wealth management.

    Shalini Singh Avatar Shalini Singh
    February 28, 2024

    I am associated with Renascent Wealth since last three years. I am so happy and satisfied to be a part of their family. Before I met Tandale sir, I had no idea about investments. Now, I am relaxed with my investments. The whole team is very helpful and they patiently explain to you whatever is needed. They also suggest you the appropriate investment. Thanks to Tandale Sir, Sarang, Akansha and Amol 🙏

    Madhushreela Rakshit Avatar Madhushreela Rakshit
    February 28, 2024

    The Renascent team have been our family friends for nearly 3+ Years. I would like to thanks Col.Sunil Sir, Anita Madam, Sarang Dada, Amol Sir and Very special thanks to Akansha Tai for always guiding me in Financial planning🙏🏻. I started Financial planning very late but i m sure my next generation will be have Financial freedom with guidance of Renascent family😊 I also like to thanks my dear Friend Sujit Puranik who showed me the right path which help me to join Renascent Family😊.

    nilesh borase Avatar nilesh borase
    December 6, 2023
  • Renascent has been part of my financial planning since 15 years now. The journey has been absolutely worth it and the Team Renascent has ensured fulfilling and satisfying financial evaluation and planning. Completely happy to be part of Renascent. I strongly recommend everyone to be part of Renascent for the effective financial planning.

    Ajay Avatar Ajay
    February 14, 2024

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