Financial Planning

Zig Ziglar famously said, “Hope for the best, plan for the worst”. How important that stands!
Financial planning is bringing future into the present. It is a life-long process which must ideally begin when an individual starts earning & lasts till the end of one’s life.
Financial Plan is a roadmap which helps to plan & achieve milestones or “financial goals” such as retirement, child’s education, child’s marriage, wealth creation & other life goals. Often the preparation for these is random and inadequate.
At Renascent Wealth, Comprehensive Financial Planning is done with due diligence and scientific in-house processes. This involves budgeting, asset analysis, insurance analysis, identifying and quantifying life goals, building a structured plan. Once the plan is built, it needs to be monitored, reviewed and updated to keep it dynamic and relevant.

NRI Investment Planning

Today, we are supporting NRI’s based in 12 countries across the world through our well defined scientific process, matching global standards.
NRI investment planning comes with unique compliance requirements. The plan needs to adhere to rules & regulations of Foreign Exchange Management Act (FEMA). Based on the investment objectives, holding period & risk profile, we guide NRI’s to invest in Mutual Funds & Portfolio Management Service (PMS) for long term wealth creation.

Retirement Planning

Retirement is a certain event in every individual’s life. Planning for it well in time leads to a joyful & worry free transition into consumption phase. The aim of Retirement planning is to accumulate adequate funds to lead a desired lifestyle without financial dependency on others.
Retirement Planning process involves following steps :

Net Worth & Asset Building

Tax Planning

Tax planning is a vital function of Financial Planning. It aims at increasing the overall tax efficiency on a Financial Plan by claiming deductions legitimately.
Resident Indians
There are a lot of tax saving options available in India for taxpayers. These options provide a variety of exclusions and deductions provided in Sections 80C to 80U.
Non-Resident Indians
For NRIs, country of residence and source of income, plays an important role in tax planning. Cross Border Strategies helps to understand the tax status, residency and source of income for taxation. DTAA needs be studied between any given countries to reduce double taxation.

Income Protection & Insurance Planning

If change is the only constant, uncertainty is its offspring.
Risk protection therefore becomes the foundation of a Financial Plan. It taken as a strategic investment, its rewards can be numerous.
Unexpected events such as loss of life, material, hospitalisation and / or disability, can create a major financial liability. Adequate insurance thus protects income & assets.
We have a long standing association with all leading insurance companies in India, and provide the following coverages –

Estate & Succession Planning

Hassle free transfer of legacy is a critical component of “Real Life Returns”. Done on time, it brings the needed peach and harmony. Yet, Estate planning is often ignored aspect of Financial Planning.
Estate Planning ensures that all accumulated assets – Real estate, financial assets, bullion and antique assets achieve the desired inheritance / transfer in a hassle free and seamless manner, by the rightful beneficiaries.

Dynamic Technology Platform

Our investors are provided access to dynamic technology platforms which holistically record, report & manage comprehensive data.
We offer the following highly acclaimed platforms –
Client Desk is an extremely user friendly and valuable online facility which gives a dynamic view of mapped financial goals on the dashboard page under “family needs progress report” utility. In addition, to latest & real time valuation report of your MF investments, PMS holdings and multiple other reports are available. The information inside the desk is updated on a daily basis and all transactions are automatically updated. The Client Desk empowers you by keeping you updated & informed, anytime any where – through online access or through a mobile application. The access to the Client Desk is given through a secured, two step authentication process with a unique login-id and password to every investor.
E-Wealth Account in fact is a DEMAT account with multiple utilities to make one’s financial planning process simple yet dynamic. E-Wealth Account enables you to execute financial transactions in a smooth and effective manner.

Periodic Review of Financial Plan

In a fast changing world, following changes can impact one’s Financial Plan –
1. External (beyond our control)
Changes in regulations, government policies, compliances, economic factors, unforeseen events.
2. Internal (in your control)
Change in family size, career profile, inflow & outflow etc.
In the periodic review of a Financial Plan, all above mentioned factors are evaluated & needful restructuring and modification is carried out to keep the plan remains dynamic and in-line with defined objectives.