Income Protection & Insurance Planning

Financial Planning is often associated with gains. As financial planners, we guide clients to gain financially, fulfill goals, achieve objective and live dreams.
“There is nothing certain, but the uncertain”
– Proverb –

Unexpected events such as loss of life, material, hospitalisation or disability, can create a significant financial liability.
Rather than being only about gain, sound Financial Planning is about identifying risks, recognizing the possibility of loss and building strategies to mitigate them while protecting income and assets of clients. Income Protection and risk planning is therefore a critical component. Adequate insurance protects income, assets and keeps away financial distress.
If considered as a strategic investment rather than an expense, its rewards can be numerous.
It is easy to buy an insurance policy as a layman. However, insurance policies are complex to understand. As professionals with a long experience, we evaluate every insurance product on multiple parameters such as claim settlement ratio, post claim servicing, solvency ratio, lapse ratio etc., before bringing it on a client’s Financial Plan.

A qualitative, cost effective & credible insurance plan can be made available by us to achieve following coverages –

Term Insurance
Health Insurance
Accidental Death & Disability Insurance
Critical Illness Insurance
Indemnity Insurance
Travel Insurance
Motor Insurance
Other specialty insurances