NRI Investment Planning

India is already the largest country by population. While Indians moved to all parts of the globe since many centuries, barring one or two, Indians are living in, & contributing to the progress of all of the rest.
The richest country in the world today has the highest number of Indian origin people.
In the future, due to specific residency laws, Indians from many countries may return to the motherland to settle down & spend the rest of their life.
Many of the NRI’s who would continue to live abroad till their end, may still inherit ancestral wealth back in India.
An unpredictable event compelling any major change in any of these countries may compel NRI’s from such country/countries to return to the motherland.
The changing world order after once in a century pandemic in 2020 has enhanced India’s potential promise to emerge as a superpower in the decades ahead.
On the backdrop of these facts, NRI financial planning, due to its complexities assumes much greater significance. Competent, trustworthy, knowledgeable & skilful hands therefore will be indispensable to plan & execute actions.
Today, we are supporting NRI’s based in 11 countries across the world through our well defined comprehensive process, matching global standards.
NRI investment planning comes with unique compliance requirements. The plan needs to adhere to rules & regulations of Foreign Exchange Management Act (FEMA). Based on the investment objectives, holding period & risk profile, we guide NRI’s to invest in Mutual Funds & Portfolio Management Service (PMS) for long term wealth creation.
Renascent Wealth brings all these advantages to the eligible and desirous.